Time and Attendance System

Time and attendance system is generally useful in all corporate sectors for recording employee attendance. This system is useful to record attendance based on fingerprints. It is an interactive GUI [ graphic user interface] for adding more efficiency and for other automated corporate procedures.

Earlier, even before the invention of technology the attendance of employees were done manually by entering in a register. This led to a disadvantage of manpower needed for surveillance, many a times which was inaccurate; mismatch of schedules, a lot of paperwork leading to wastage; etc. Now due to the innovation in the field of technology it has become easier to track employee working hours, be it shifts or overtime basis, to record incoming and outgoing of employees; calculate their salary with the data, etc.

Starmax now provides you with easy recording of attendance at corporate levels. There are various types of biometric devices available according to the necessity of the clients like chemical biometric devices; visual biometric devices; behavioural biometric devices; olfactory biometric devices; or auditory devices. Some of them are used to analyse DNA segments; at times to recognise face, voice or retina; or even maybe distinguished odour; and also signatures of employees.

Although you may find a variety of similar products in the competitive market; Starmax assures you of the best systems available in comparison, with regards to durability, quality, service and commitment to our clients. We stay enthusiastic to explore the various requirements and work on conceptual ideas as regards to the Biometric Attendance System.

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